Monday, 26 May 2008

011. Go to the ocean five times (1/5)

This task has had me thinking for the last couple of weeks. What does "go to the ocean" actually mean? Especially living close to water. Do I have to make an effort to actually go to the ocean (having that as my purpose for being there) or does driving to a restaurant by the water count? Even when the food was the purpose and the restaurant just happened to be by the water front? Or does sleeping in a hotel count if the hotel is close to the water but I didn't actually make an effort to go down to the water?

Well, I've decided to count the times I go to the ocean deliberately to see the water.


Last week, I was sent out of town for work and I ended up going to an island. One night there I brought my camera and a book and walked down to the waterfront. I sat there for quite some time and enjoyed myself. Heard the waves roll in. Saw the sun moving closer to the water. Read. Took pictures. Smiled at the couple making out on the lawn behind me.

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