Monday, 26 May 2008

053. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy

  1. Sunshine
  2. Warm temperatures outside
  3. Biking
  4. Sleeping
  5. Listening to Pet Shop Boys
  6. Updating my blogs
  7. Knitting (for myself and others)
  8. Sewing
  9. Writing
  10. Living with my boyfriend
  11. Talking to and seeing my parents and siblings
  12. Emails and phone calls from friends
  13. Beautiful language in books
  14. Grammatically correct langauge in newspapers
  15. Sitting on the couch with my cat Skorpan in my lap
  16. Brushing my teeth with my cat JumJum in my lap
  17. My colleagues at work
  18. Wrapping gifts
  19. Lazy hours in the garden while I read, surf the Internet, knit or watch the cats
  20. Waking up early on weekends realizing I can go back to sleep
  21. Colourful things
  22. Mail with handwriting on the envelope
  23. Filing things at work as "done"
  24. Taking warm showers when I'm cold
  25. Taking warm baths when I'm cold or feel tense
  26. Massages
  27. Breakfast in hotels
  28. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  29. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  30. Ice cream (especially Ben&Jerry's and Häagen Dazs)
  31. Muffins
  32. Chocolate
  33. Being around kittens
  34. Solving difficult mathematical equations
  35. Solving Melodikrysset (a crossword puzzle about music where the clues are given to you in a radio show on Saturday mornings)
  36. The smell of cinnamon
  37. Days I feel pretty
  38. My birthday
  39. Travelling
  40. Unexpected friendliness
  41. Christmas Eve with my family
  42. That I can get great drinking water directly from my tap
  43. Tulips
  44. A good book to read when the weather is shitty outside and I don't want to leave the house
  45. Shitty weather outside when I have a good book to read and don't want to leave the house
  46. Seeing my friends happy
  47. Going to the ocean
  48. Making day trips with my boyfriend
  49. Finding clothes that fit me
  50. Desserts in restaurants
  51. Playing pool (even though I suck at it)
  52. Bowling (even though I suck at it)
  53. Looking at pictures from trips I've taken
  54. When Canada wins something
  55. Checking my Google Reader and seeing many updates
  56. Reading blogs
  57. Taking walks while listening to old cassette tapes
  58. Compliments that I think sound sincere
  59. When people remember my name
  60. When I'm right (and it doesn't hurt anyone that I am)
  61. Good food
  62. Milk
  63. The view from my office windows
  64. Wearing shirts with short sleeves
  65. Finishing things
  66. Planning for future trips and vacations
  67. When I win something
  68. Toddlers that aren't shy
  69. Putting money in my saving's account
  70. Spending money on yarn or fabric
  71. Baking
  72. Using our green bowls in the kitchen
  73. My candle holder from Victoria (a clay hippo that is both cute and ugly at the same time)
  74. Having breakfast outside
  75. Feeling loved
  76. Watching my cats play with each other
  77. Watching my cats lick each other
  78. My two pink Sjuan-chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen (also called Model 3107 chair)
  79. Our wallpaper in the living room
  80. Taking peeks into people's houses
  81. Evesdropping on conversations
  82. When I hear Swahili on TV and can understand a word here and there
  83. The Princess Bride
  84. Completing tasks for my 101in1001days-project
  85. When people get my jokes and laugh at them
  86. Hearing the words "thank you" (or "tack" as we say in Sweden)
  87. Seeing smiling people
  88. When I feel "included" in different groups and situations
  89. Days when I'm dressed properly for the weather
  90. Freshly baked bread in the store or bakery
  91. Knitting with Malabrigo or Manos Silk Blend using my KP Options needles
  92. Remembering the first time boyfriend and I kissed
  93. Watching reruns of Dawson's Creek, Felicity and Gilmore Girls
  94. Thinking about all the SNL-episodes I saw in Canada
  95. Speaking English
  96. The number 5
  97. Planning for all the things I want us to do in our house
  98. When I take nice photos
  99. Seeing killer whales (orcas) on TV or in real life
  100. That I'm me and nobody else

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