Monday, 30 June 2008

077. Learn the names of all the States in the US, where they’re located and their capitals

I've started on this task.

I thought it would be easier to kind of divide it, so I'm now working on getting the names and locations of the states right before I start to add the capitals. I have a card game at home I can use (a gift from my knitting friend iKate) but I'm also using this.

There are some states I have more difficulties with than others. Like Delaware. And Wyoming. And if Indiana is west of Ohio or if it's the other way around.

But I'm getting better and better. Sometimes I can go through them all without any mistakes at all. I think my best was four times without any mistakes. And then suddenly Ohio and Indiana acted up on me...

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swedish fishie said...

I don't even think half the people who live in the US know the States AND their capitals :) I know I'm hazy on a few capitals and I was pretty good with Geography in school.