Thursday, 3 July 2008

064. Knit with others at least ten times (6/10)

Knit night again! I brought my Laminaria with me and worked some on that. Not as much as I hoped to, but that was entirely my own fault. I spent too much time eating cinnamon buns and chocolate mud cake with vanilla ice cream, or I was fondling yarn.

I made purchases!!! Yes, in plural. There's a silk yarn I've been fondling every single time I've been to the shop and I've wanted it so badly. My problem has been the decision of what colour to chose. There's a lighter olive green that I love, and there's a raspberry red one. Tonight I got some help from one of the other girls there who couldn't make up her mind either. We bought one hank each and split them in two. So I got 300m of each for a summery scarf!

I also myself some off-white, lightly toffee coloured wool yarn from ViKanGarn. I got 300g, which is about 1000m, in the thinner lace quality. Since I first saw the collection in the store, I've known that I would get some of this yarn for myself. I just couldn't decide on colour. (Feel like a parrot here!) Tonight I could.

Am very happy with my purchases!!!

And had a good time as always when at knit night. :)

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