Friday, 12 September 2008

064. Knit with others at least ten times (10/10)


Yesterday I participated in another knit night at my favourite LYS. The place was crowded!!! I think we were 16 knitters (and two baby boys) there. A lot of conversations were going on at the same time and the sound level was fairly high at times. I got to see some great yarns and projects and I really enjoy the inspiring environment in the shop.

We were served chocolate mud cake, carrot cake with frosting and chocolate chip cookies. Nomnomnom...


When I set this task I didn't know I'd find such a great knitting group. I was searching for a group (and place) I liked and then read about this LYS in the paper... I tried it out and have kept returning every other week.

If I hadn't found this group I'd have a much harder time finishing this task, as I'd have to search around for idfferent groups or arrange knit-togethers at my own place with friends. Much more work on my part...

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zandria said...

Good for you for completely crossing off another task from your list! It's nice that you can enjoy social time with friends while getting your knitting done. :)