Monday, 19 January 2009

069. Update my documents on how I want things to be handled after my death

This task has been started but I've forgotten to report about it.

I have a written will. It's signed by me and witnesses. I have a copy. My bank has the original. (Or if it's the other way around. I'm not sure.)

I have applied for life insurance. I sen tint he application last weeka nd hope to hear from them soon. It was a PIA to fill out the application as they wanted to know about my medical history. As an example, they wanted me to give them information on every doctor's visit I've made in the last three years... If they accept my application this part of the task is done. If not, then I have to look for another insurance company and try with them.

What's left to do is fill out a form on how I want my dead body to be treated/handled and if I have any wishes/requests for my service (where, what kind of flowers, music, etc) or the ad in the paper, information on what kind of insurances I have and what bank I use. Practical things like that. I started filling it out last week, but it was the same night as the life insurance application and I just couldn't stand thinking about my death anylonger... I stopped after the first four questions...

Anything else one should think about when it comes to one's own death? I just want to make things easier for the people around me.

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