Thursday, 19 March 2009

020. Babysit (for) a relative or a friend


This one came as a surprise. I was visiting friends and family in North America and one of my friends has become a mother since I saw her last. I babysat her 18-month-old daughter for a couple of ohurs one afternoon and evening when my friend had a meeting to go to. I also looked after the daughter for an hour a couple of days later as my friend went to get her hair cut.

I sang a lot of silly songs (in both English and Swedish). I prepared supper for the two of us and I made sure the girl ate and drank. I changed three diapers. I made a sock disappear. I crawled on the floor. I ran. I read a couple of books. I pretended to be a horse and a cow and a hen and a sheep. I had fun. And was totally exhausted by the end of it...

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