Monday, 20 April 2009

047. Go to a concert/musical/play, 038. Eat at fifteen restaurants/cafés that are new to me (7/15)

Yesterday, boyfriend and I joined some of my relatives to celebrate a birthday.

We had dinner in a restaurant in the city's theater building. I had pike perch with potatoes, artichoke and a sauce made of red wine and truffels. Delicious! I also had a chocolate brownie with raspberry sorbet and raspberry "fluff" for dessert. I was the only one who had saved room for dessert but the others looked a bit jealous when they saw my plate. :)

After dinner we went to the city's concert hall to listen to, and watch, the city's orchestra performing three different pieces. This was my first time at a "serious orchestra venue" and I quite liked it. I was fascinated by the different tunes and melodies that the different instruments made up together. The three guys playing triangle, cymbals and xylophone fascinated me to no end. They were sitting down for most of the performance and just got up once in a while to do their thing in less than ten seconds before sitting down. And their input was essential to how the piece came out!

I'll definitly go to more of these. Classical music isn't that boring after all...

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Tempewytch said...

A couple of fun things in one day - always good and it sounds as though all of you had a great time (and you are nearly half way through the new restaurant challenge!)