Tuesday, 21 July 2009

040. Go for ten walks within three weeks (2/10)

You might think I'm cheating here, but I'm the one making the rules for my 101in1001-project. Right? :)

Yesterday I went for two walks; one from home to work, and one from work to home. I count this as being two separate walks as:

1. it takes me 30 minutes to walk to work and that much walking equals a walk
2. I got in my pair of sneakers and used my mp3-player as entertainment = walk
3. I could've gotten to and from work faster but chose to spend time exercising instead = walk

So, yesterday was the official start of going on ten walks within three weeks. Walks to and from work will count. Anytime I get my sneakers on and move around outdoors for at least half an hour will count as a walk. Going to the gym and spending at least 30 minutes on a treadmill will be considered a walk.

Wish me luck! (And hope for my back and hips to not act up badly again!)

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