Monday, 3 March 2008

013. Let the cats go outdoors (4/4)

This task is now done!!!

I let the cats out yesterday while I was having breakfast. I got their leashes on and let them out on their own. Sitting at the dinner table I could keep an eye on them...

JumJum didn't like it without me and decided to just spend three minutes on the porch before heading back in. Skorpan didn't seem to mind being on his own and looked quite comfortable while enjoying the few rays of sunlight we had. He made me laugh when he focused on this particular spot in the grass. He sniffed around, started to dig a bit and then he threw himself in the grass and started to roll from side to side. He got hold of his leash and started kicking and biting at it while rolling around in the grass. This kept him entertained for several minutes. He was all damp when returning indoors.

Can't wait for warmer temperatures, less wind and more daylight so we can spend more time in the garden together!

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