Monday, 3 March 2008

065. Give books to charity or someone who wants them


When we moved to our house two months ago, I sorted through my books before starting to organize the bookshelves. We like to read, boyfriend and I. And we like to buy books. I had accumulated a lot of books through the years and decided that enough was enough. (I do that occassionally when it comes to my books.) I was sort of ruthless while deciding which books to keep and which to get rid off.

I ended up with four banana boxes and two paper bags of books that I didn't want to keep anymore. One of the boxes and one of the bags contained youth books, while the rest were a mix of everything. I heard from an assistant at work that she had given books to one of our mailmen's daughter. She's in her early teens and loves to read. I took the books to work and have had them in my office room for two weeks now waiting for that mailmen to come on our route again. I just handed the books over to him! He was both surprised and grateful!

Now I just hope his daugther will enjoy some of the books...

(I left the other books at the recycling centre for a charity organization to sell in their thrift store.)

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