Monday, 9 June 2008

064. Knit with others at least ten times (4/10)

I've been busy doing things for work on three "every-other-Thursdays" in a row, and I haven't been able to attend knit night in ages. But I was able to go last week. And had a good time again.

The group was bigger than I've seen it before. One or two of the others were new to me. We were fed rhubarb-and-plum-pie with ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and a citrus cake. Good as always. We joked about the owner of the store opening up a combined café-and-yarn-store as she's just as good with cakes and cookies as she is with yarn.

There's usually tea for everyone but I doubt anyone took any this time. The store was awfully warm and stupid me had changed into jeans as I didn't want to bike through town in a skirt and my shorts were in the laundry... We had two fans going and we consumed pitcher after pitcher of water...

I worked on the striped cardigan for my colleague's baby boy and nearly finished the front panel!

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