Monday, 9 June 2008

014. Make a list of 50 things I like about myself

I've started the list...

  1. My height (182cm/6')
  2. My language skills
  3. My creativity
  4. My ability to question things
  5. My interest in the world
  6. My nose
  7. The blue colour of my eyes
  8. That I'm sort of naïve and want to think the better of people
  9. My ability to think ahead
  10. The way I fought myself up from a depression
  11. That I can tell my boyfriend that I love him without feeling weird about it
  12. My love for reading
  13. That I'm usually openminded
  14. That I try very hard not to be prejudice and make assumptions about people "just because"
  15. My independence and willingness to do things myself
  16. That my curiousity usually is stronger than my fear
  17. That I make good presentations (even though I'm so nervous I'm shaking)
  18. My ability to explain things and come up with good examples
  19. My patience
  20. That I'm friendly towards people
  21. That I in the last couple of years have learnt to use the word "no" more often
  22. That I can be the only one in a room laughing/giggling and I don't feel embarrassed about my sense of humour or apologize for it
  23. That I see and hear "invisible and quiet people" in groups
  24. My thoughtfulness
  25. My absolutely dead-flat straight hair
  26. The way I compose photos
  27. My brave decisions on glasses. I want my glasses to be seen and work with my face and eyes.
  28. My childish side
  29. My mature side
  30. How I can remember lyrics but not melodies
  31. My enthusiam for various things (my cats, desserts, nice yarns and fabrics, gifts, wrapping paper and tulips to mention a few)
  32. That I rarely forget people's names
  33. My fixation with numbers and combinations "that look good"
  34. That I'm often determined
  35. My imagination
  36. That I'm easily likeable (if I may say so myself...)
  37. That I don't spend extensive time anymore with people I don't like
  38. My loyalty
  39. My upper arms and the slight muscle definition I can see if I squint
  40. That I often can stand up for myself when really needed
  41. The tan I have now (June 9th, 2008)
  42. The mole I have on my left hand
  43. The mole I have on the right side of my mouth
  44. My love for grammar and rules
  45. My ability to see details that others don't see
  46. My writing (as in what it contains, not what my hand writing looks like)
  47. That I'm learning when to be stubborn and when to give up
  48. My love for colour and patterns
  49. That I've learnt that "compromise" doesn't equal "lose"
  50. That I can type qiute quickly even though I don't use the proper finger placement on the keyboard

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