Saturday, 7 June 2008

080. Go to three capitals (1/3)

We had a national holiday yesterday. It was Sweden's National Day.

I celebrated it by going to Copenhagen. In Denmark. I was accompanied by my boyfriend and three of our friends. We had a great day walking around an "outdoor exhibition" on living. One could buy anything that has to do with "living"; plants, pots, jewellery, fancy patio furniture, old patio furniture with charm, baby clothes, glas bottles, ceramics, homemade soaps, cheese and whatever... I bought a homemade saltscrub with citrus scent. And a Fench pancake (crepe) with ice cream, banana and chocolate sauce.

We also had lunch in a classic Danish restaurant. I had "äggekage", which is like a thicker omelette with lots of eggs in it. Niiiice!

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