Friday, 31 July 2009

034. Bring lunch to work every day for two weeks straight

I did it!!!

I've brought food from home every day for two weeks. Mind you, it hasn't all been food I prepared and cooked at home, but it was food that at one point was in my fridge or in my cupboards... I've had yoghurt and sandwiches. I've had leftover grilled salmon. I've had cheese- and meatball salad twice. I've had veggies and sandwiches. And some more sandwiches.

I've made some good sandwiches these last two weeks. I've had different mixes of lettuce, tomatoes, Brie cheese, mango chutney, salami, ham, boiled eggs with Kalles Kaviar. One day I brought a very non-Swedish sandwich; peanut butter and banana. :)

I've tried to bring healthy lunches. And I've enjoyed knowing what to eat and not spending time and energy on figureing out what to get and from where. I didn't have any last-minute-visits to the gas station near work to get yoghurt or somehting pre-made. I didn't get on my bike to buy pasta from the "pasta waggon".

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Tempewytch said...

Yay! Brilliant news - another one ticked off the list (you must be nearly done now aren't you?)